FAQ about sex dolls

How is the skin of a sex dolls shaped?

We are using TPE materials.

What is the skin of sex dolls made of?

It is made by TPE.

What is silicone?

Silicone is a traditional material used in real sex dolls.

What is TPE?

TPE is a material derived from a mixture of silicone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPE?

Advantages of TPE:
• TPE is cheaper than silicone.
• Just like the real skin.
• Smooth texture.
• Its compression capabilities.
•High elasticity.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Without smell.
• Compatible with water based lubricants.
Disadvantages of TPE:
• Porous materials require regular maintenance.
•The material is porous and needs regular maintenance and repair.
• Variable quality depends on mixing.
• The characteristic of the material is changeable and could be easily mixed.

How is the sex dolls made?

We design the shape and the skeleton . Then made by plastic injection molding.

How is the sex doll’s wig feel?

Synthetic wig. And it’s just like the real wig.

Do the hands and fingers have joints?

The hands are movable and the fingers can be bent.

Do I have to use a condom with my sex doll?

We highly recommended but it’s not necessary.

How to clean sex dolls?

Use warm water and soap. It can be cleaned with a warm bath or shower. Be careful ,don’t let the head under water. To dry the doll, don’t use the hair dryer.Just use a soft towel.

What type of lubricant should I use?

General.Non-greasy and transparent lubricant.

What is the maximum weight that a real doll can bear?

150 kg

What is the proposed gender trick?

Oral, vaginal and anal holes are usually provided.TPE are flexible materials that can take considerable stretch.Each sex doll has different orifice.

Is the lips suitable for blow job?

Of course.

Do the sex dolls have teeth/tongue in their mouths?


Will the eyes of the sex dolls be closed?


Can the sex dolls stand alone?

Yes, but you can only choose the standing version.

Without a reinforced skeleton, can a sex dolls stand alone?


Sexdolls smell?

No, TPE is tasteless. Due to plastic and wrap protection, there may be a slight odor when opening the package.

Do the sex dolls have any smell?

No, TPE is tasteless. Due to plastic and wrap protection, there may be a slight odor when opening the package.

Can I put the perfume on the sex dolls?

It is possible.But we should avoid this situation.

Can we put cosmetics on sex dolls?

You can use general cosmetics,but be careful the special materials.

What accessories will be there with the sex dolls ?

It depends on the brand. Generally, we provide sexy clothes, wigs and instructions for use.

How long will I receive the sex doll?

It usually takes 15-20 business days after payment.

Why do sexual sex dolls have two types of vagina? What´s the difference?

A molded vagina is preferred by those who like realism. Without a doll, you can´t clean the private parts. A removable vagina makes cleaning easier because it can be done without a sex dolls.
A removable vagina can be replaced at any time. Both types of vagina feel almost the same for realism. Both are shaped using the real woman´s body and have surreal interior shapes for adults to enjoy.

How to clean the stains on the TPE?

Use TPE detergent.

How do you fix the tear of TPE?

Use TPE glue.

How do you choose clothes for real dolls?

You should avoid any tight-fitting clothes that might compress and deform the TPE. About the size, natural half-lengths is better.We recommended to choose S / M/ L / XL for sex dolls.

How can I wear my sex doll?

CAUTION: Any clothing should be cleaned before we use. To avoid any color on the TPE. For sex dolls with a removable head, the technique is simple. Just stretch sex doll’s arms in front of you and put on your sleeves. And the clothes will slip, the rest of the body completes the upper part of the body (the head is removed). That would be easy.

What is the shoe size of the sex dolls?

It all depends on the model: the general size is 4.5-6 (34-36).

How do you transport sex dolls?

You can´t hold it under your arm because it can be easily lead to tearing. We recommend that you hold your sex dolls like a bride with arms . Of course, you must be careful about the obstacles you may encounter on the road (furniture corners, doors...) and pay special attention to the fragile limbs of your love dolls (fingers, feet...).

Where should the real dolls be stored?

Humid,dusty and overexposed environments should be avoid. When you put and storage your sex dolls in the cabinet with hook, we suggest you to use dust proof bag.

I have seen cheaper sex dolls on Alibaba or Ali Express, why?

Be careful.It’s fake. The sex dolls are much more cheaper because of low quality. If it doesn't follow the rule of manufacturing standard,it will cause serious health problems. Therefoe , we suggest that you should check the brand and source of sex dolls before you buy them.

Can I use electric blankets?

Yes,only for 15-20 minutes to temperature 37 °C. Don’t over 40 °C. The TPE will keep it warm for a while. Be careful ,don’t let the sex dolls overheat.TPE not only will melt, but also will damage the frame of steel skeleton of sex dolls in the extremely hot environment.

Can I change sex dolls face?

If the size is the same then you can change the face.But different brand will have different size. You have to avoid.

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