Don’t storage by– Standing or Sitting


Doll House 168 have to remind everyone.In fact, most of the sex dolls are "Unable to stand". Even some of the famous Japanese brands are the same. The original factory will emphasize "only stand for a short time." The standing function developed by the Japanese factory which is designed for customers to take pictures. It is not designed to solve the storage problem. Please remind this!Because TPE material is very Soft. All the weight of the body will press on the foot when the sex doll stands.So it is easy to cause the sole crack. Even the metal skeleton will pierce outside the sole. So if you buy a sex doll made by TPE.Then we recommend that don't try to let the sex doll"stand up".Or break the foot of the sex doll will not be worth.

Let the sex doll sit on the sofa for a long time." This is a direct idea of many friends who don't know about the silicone doll or TPE sex doll. You think there is no problem with the sex doll sitting on the soft sofa? Doll House 168 tells you that this is the wrong way to store it! The sex doll maintains sitting posture for a long time.It will cause hip to be cracked .Because of long-term self-weight and thigh meat extrusion. If you want to keep the sex doll in sitting position. Please be sure only for 1~2 days. After every 1-2 days, please be sure to return the flatting or hanging. To make sure that the body of the sex doll is not under any pressure.