General cleaning:

If the sex doll is contaminated with dirt or dust.Try to wiping it with a wet towel and shower gel. If you can’t clean the dirt with shower gel.Try to removing it with a cleansing oil. If you can't remove the cleansing oil. When the stain is dirty, it may be dyed (described later). If the sex doll has a large dirt place. Consider to take the sex doll to the bathroom for cleaning. But water temperature is concerned. Just like the human skin can withstand. The temperature sex doll is acceptable. The sex doll is made by TPE that is sensitive to temperature. Remember not to "sterilize" the TPE from over-temperature water (70 degrees or more). The TPE material may be deformed by high temperature.

Cleaning after use:

Usually use the sex doll’s mouth, the private part and the anus. Most of the these parts on the doll can be used. But a few brands of the sex doll have only one or two functions. No matter which one. All brand of sex doll. Their mouth or anus must belong to the "one-piece" design. The internal passage and the body are not detachable but the private parts are not necessarily. Some dolls are designed to be detachable "split" . After use, remove the private channel and clean it. If you choose a one-piece sex doll. You need to move all the sex doll into the bathroom for cleaning after use. No matter how you clean the doll. Remember to cover the sex doll with a towel and gently "dry" it. Do not wipe it to hard to avoid scratching the surface of the body. The inside tunnel can use the rolled paper towel to squeeze the water and dry it. After the sex doll is dry. Remember to use powder to keep the skin in the best touch of the sex doll.


The sex doll's body will have Oil-spilled constantly. The situation is different according to the different style of the sex doll. The sex doll with high quality has a slightly oil output. And the doll made by TPE produces oil obviously. The oil will make the body feel bad (squeaky, sticky) and easy to get dust after oiling out. In order to maintain the smooth and soft touch of the sex doll. Regular maintenance is very important. The maintenance method is simple. Just use the commercially hazelnut powder and the baby puff to spread the hazelnut powder evenly on the sex doll.

Intimate tips from dollhouse168:
The hazelnut powder (It’s the talcum powder) can be purchased the better brands. That the smell and feel of the sex doll will be good after maintenance.