LIVING DOLL Pornhub star Korina Kova to be turned into ‘lifelike’ sex doll so superfans can experience ultra realistic romp with her

FANS of porn star Korina Kova will soon be able to "take [her] to bed every night" as the adult actress is set to bring out an anatomically correct, super-realistic sex doll version of herself.

The X-rated star is teaming up with sex doll company Real Love Dolls to create a £2,800 replica of her face and body, composed of "advanced lightweight core platinum silicone" so admirers can have a real-life romp with the exclusive star.

 Korina Kova is a huge star in the adult industry
Korina Kova is a huge star in the adult industryCredit: korinakova_productions/ Instagram

The doll currently remains in production, with the company set to start rolling out Korina to customers in 60 days.

They boast the doll will be a perfect replica of the star, claiming it's "the next best thing" to being with the real Korina Kova.

The doll is being "specially engineered" with the company’s first use of "advanced lightweight core platinum silicone."

The replica will have Kova's exact measurements, standing at five-foot-three with curves curated to mirror Korina's.

The super-realistic doll will even have a fully articulated skeleton.

Kova said: "It’s amazing and unreal I am about to introduce my very first anatomically-correct sex doll, but it’s true.

"Very soon, fans will be able take me to bed every night and enjoy the pleasure of my company, and I am very excited about that.”

Kova boasts it will be able to “keep all my curves intact on a more flexible, agile frame."

The 31-year-old, from Canada, has a huge fanbase – with more than 578,000 followers on Instagram.

She starred in her first adult film in 2017, but now entirely self produces through her own website.

The adult star boasted she wants to deliver fans "high quality content" and claims her homemade studio set up cost $30,000 (£24,000).

Stacey Townsend, CEO of Real Love Sex Dolls, said: "We were so excited to partner with Korina Kova to make an incredibly sexy TPE love doll to her exact body specifications; working with a team of sculptors, we were able to capture each curve and every sexy detail.

"Nothing was missed. With super soft velvety skin and jiggly in all the right places, the Korina Kova doll has a fully-articulated skeleton

"True Korina Kova fans are going to love this gorgeous love doll.

"The Korina Kova Doll by Real Love Sex Dolls is definitely the next best thing to having Korina herself."

The sex doll industry is on the rise, with randy customers opting for and more lifelike silicone lovers.

Some companies in the industry are said to be working toward's the world's first fully functioning sex robot.

Sex dolls are one of the priciest products in the sex toy business, which is reckoned to be worth an eye-watering £38billion by 2020.

Some dolls can set you back as much as £15,000, and there are even brothels cropping up where punters can try the dolls across Europe and America.

Recently in Japan, experts suggested the popularity of sex dolls and sex robots there could be to blame for the country's declining birth rate.

 The doll will be made exactly to the star's measurements
The doll will be made exactly to the star's measurementsCredit: korinakova_productions/ Instagram
 The doll version of Korina will set fans back $3.5K
The doll version of Korina will set fans back $3.5KCredit:
 Sex dolls are becoming increasingly realistic (file photo)