Blacklight Inspection of Silicone Sex Doll Centers in China Reveals...

The Paper recently released an investigative report on the cleanliness of ‘silicone doll experience centers’ or 娃娃体验馆 across China. These centers have an array of silicone dolls which patrons may choose from to fufill their sexual desires. 

In the video, some stores did not clean or disinfect the doll after each customer, and in some cases even the sheets were not changed. 

Watch the shocking footage below as a reporter takes a blacklight to the dolls and sheets. Viewer discretion advised (VPN off):  

In the report, Ailele Experience Center, located in Longhua district of Shenzhen near a Foxconn factory, is investigated. The owner Li Bo explains to The Paper that he opened the center in that particular location to provide migrant workers “release.” Professor and chairman of the Sex Education Committee of the Chinese Sex Society, Peng Xiaohui weighed in:

“For migrant workers who have entered the city and have no spouse or are separated long-term from their spouse, sexual demand is more of an economic problem. These migrant workers have neither the ability to bring their spouse with them nor can they satisfy sexual desire through other means. At this time, the silicone doll experience hall is a short-term auxiliary means of their interpersonal relationship.”

He further believes that the experience centers are not illegal as they provide “satisfaction to people with sexual needs in a lawful manner.” The matter at hand is that the business should be operating in a safe, hygienic and standardized manner. 

A doctor at the Department of Urology at the West China Hospital of Sichuan University urged that patrons use condoms as the dolls are shared between many patrons, and the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is high. 

Aiaile Experience Center charges RMB188 per hour and in the two years since opening has served thousands of guests. Like many other experience centers around the country, the shop is not tightly regulated. Various managers at different centers have told The Paper that they have “connections” which allows the industry to operate in a blind spot.