Sex Doll Sales Have Been On The Rise Throughout Quarantine

One Company Claims To Have Sent Thousands Of Dolls To Europe Since Lockdown began

Dating can be difficult for some people, but as lockdown continues finding a companion has become more difficult than ever before. With places to gather closed to the public, and people avoiding others for safety, quarantine has been particularly hard for those not already in a relationship. As a result, sex doll sales have been on the rise throughout lockdown, and the numbers don’t seem to be slowing down.

As many businesses continue to struggle, the sex doll industry has been flourishing during the pandemic. With many people still remaining at home, a sex doll factory in China has seen a surge in orders, claiming to be making  4,000 of the “hyper realistic” sex dolls every month. “We manufacture about 3,000 to 4,000 dolls a month, the majority of which we export to Europe, the US, Japan, etc.,” said Chen Qing, manager of the manufacturing plant.

According to Chen, Germany has seen the largest order increase, but since March there has been a 50% increase in sales overall. As quarantine continues for many, sales have continued since the start of the surge. At this rate, some may be hoping quarantine never ends.